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The North Star Tournament is proud to announce it's 2015 Warhammer Fantasy Battle Tournament. The 7th installment of the North Star is going "Old School". We are having a throw back tournament to how things were when 8th edition was in its youth. Check the rules section for the details! As always, the North Star Tournament's mission is to be one of the premier Warhammer tournaments in the US, providing its attendees with an exceptionally fun experience. We hope to see you there!

Why Come to the North Star Tournament?

  • Its one of the largest Warhammer Fantasy tournaments in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska or the Dakotas.

  • You will get to compete against great opponents with well painted armies.

  • You will get to play on fantastic gaming boards with themed terrain. No felt cut-outs here!  Each board is unique and represent a location in the Warhammer world. From Stirland to Chrace to Khemri to the Chaos Wastes, they are all different!

  • Prizes!  Multiple Prize Categories, potentially multiple prizes in each category! Compete for the coveted White Wolf Cavalry Hammer to hang on the trophy wall!

  • A Superior Gaming Venue - Our hall has plenty of space for gaming and plenty to do when you're not rolling dice! It has a beer on tap just feet away from your game table.

  • Charity - The 2015 North Star Tournament will be supporting Can Do Canines assistance dogs by holding a raffle for Warhammer Fantasy prizes.

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