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Tournament Rules

  • Games will be played using the Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition rule set. All the current errata and FAQs available from Games Workshop will be in effect.
  • All models must clearly represent what they are supposed to be. WYSIWYG is the general rule (What You See Is What You Get). However, miniatures need not be produced by any particular manufacturers. Creative use of alternative fantasy models is allowed, as long as the models are clearly representative of their respective unit. If you have any questions about whether your models/units are appropriate, please email the event organizers.
  • Your models must be painted to a three color minimum standard. Unpainted models will not be allowed.
  • Each player needs to bring an objective marker on a 40 mm base.
  • There will be five games. First round match ups will be randomly determined and a pairing system based on similar battle points will be used to determine the remaining four games. Grudge matches are allowed in the first round if both opponents agree to it.
  • This is a Closed-list tournament. Please bring copies of your list to give your opponent after the game.
  • Tournament participants should be over the age of 18, unless ok'd by the Organizers

Army List Restrictions

  • You have 2250 points to construct your army using the rules, guidelines and restrictions found in the 8th edition rules and from your army book. The 50% Lords / Heroes & Wizards being about to take Lore of Undeath Errata will be in effect.
  • All players must submit an army list to the North Star Tournament by October 1st, 2015. Lists should be emailed to thenorthstargt@gmail.com. Please send the lists as an PDF output from an army building program like Army Builder or Quartermaster.
  • You must use the current 8th edition of any Games Workshop army book. If there is an army book released between May 1st and the tournament, we will consider and announce if its being allowed.
  • You may use Chaos Dwarf armies using the Tamurkhan book. Daemon and Warriors of Chaos units from Tamurkhan are not allowed. You may bring a Dogs of War army using the Indy List
  • End Times books are not allowed (army lists, units, special characters, nothing). Special Characters from army books more than 250 pts are not allowed. Data Slates and Other Rules marked "optional", "trial", or "not official" will not be allowed.

Rule Judges

Players are required to have their rule books handy and to resolve rule disputes between themselves in a fair and friendly manner. However, in the case of ambiguous rules or firm disagreements, there will be Rule Judges circulating on the floor. While we strive for accuracy, it is our main goal to keep games moving along. Decisions from a Rule Judge may not always be correct, but they will be quick and considered final.

Charity Raffle Re-rolls

A $20 cash contribution or donation of Games Workshop models (These must be New In Box models GW currently sells on their webstore and retail for at least $20) to the Can-Do Canines charity raffle will get you a special collectible 2015 North Star re-roll die. This die can be used once per game in each of the 5 tournament games to re-roll any D6 roll.

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