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Tournament Scoring and Awards

The 2015 North Star Tournament focuses on the three elements of good Warhammer game play - skill, sportsmanship, and appearance - in order to determine who goes home with the prizes. Every player will be scored on the basis of their ability to play the game, play a fun game, and paint their army. To that end, players can score a maximum of 235 points, broken down as follows:

Battle Points = 100
Sportsmanship Points = 60
Army Appearance Points = 60
North Star Bonus Points = 15


Overall Champion = Battle Points + Sportsmanship Points + Appearance Points + North Star Bonus Points
Best General = Total Battle Points + Base Sportsmanship Points (i.e. before Best Game Votes)
Best "Army Book" General = Total Battle Points
Best Opponent = Total Sportsmanship Points
Best Army = Total Appearance Points
Player's Choice = Most Player Votes

Awards will be given out in these categories: Overall, Best Opponent & Best Army. Best General awards will be given out - An Overall Best General and Best "Army Book" General Awards. The player with the highest battle points from each of the army books (Dwarves, Vampire Counts, Empire, etc) will receive Best Army Book General. In order for an army book award to be given, there must be at least five players playing that army. Army books that don't meet the five player level will be pooled together in a "Best of the Rest" category.

Players will only be able to win one award, with the exception of Player's Choice and Best Army Book General. If a player's score wins in more than one category he or she will be given the higher award.

Battle Points (out of 100)

Players will be able to earn a maximum of 20 Battle Points per game, as determined by victory points achieved in the game.
Victory points to Battle points per game:

0-100 Victory Points difference - 10 Battle Points for each player
101-300 VPs - 11 BPs for the winner / 9 BPs for the loser
301-500 VPs - 12 BPs for the winner / 8 BPs for the loser
501-700 VPs - 13 BPs for the winner / 7 BPs for the loser
701-900 VPs - 14 BPs for the winner / 6 BPs for the loser
901-1100 VPs – 15 BPs for the winner / 5 BPs for the loser
1101-1300 VPs – 16 BPs for the winner / 4 BPs for the loser
1301-1500 VPs - 17 BPs for the winner / 3 BPs for the loser
1501-1700 VPs - 18 BPs for the winner / 2 BPs for the loser
1701-1900 VPs -19 BPs for the winner / 1 BPs for the loser
1901+ VPs - 20 BPs for the winner / 0 BPs for the loser

Each game will have a scenario. The scenarios will be posted here in the early Fall. Each scenario will have objectives which will be worth Victory Points. Battles will follow the victory conditions as defined in the main rule book.

Sportsmanship Points (out of 60)

Sportsmanship is about not only having a good game, but also giving a good game to your opponent. What constitutes a "good" or "bad" game is very subjective. There are hundreds of factors, and everyone has a different criteria. However, it's very easy to recognize a bad game when you have one. It's also equally easy to recognize an exceptionally good game when you have one. So for the North Star Tournament, sportsmanship scores will focus on your game experience with your opponent.

Appearance (out of 60)

Every army at the North Star Tournament will be awarded a score by the tournament judges based on the overall appearance of their army. Technical painting is important, but it is only one factor in your appearance score. Conversions, theme, basing and overall presentation are important factors as to what makes an army look good and score well in this category. Your objective marker will also be part of the appearance judging. Base scoring is out of 50 points from the objective check list with the top 10 armies receiving up to an additional 10 subjectively awarded points. Painting rubric can be found here.

Paint Your Own - Players must have painted their own army in order to be eligible to win the Best Overall, Best Army, or Player's Choice awards. This restriction does not apply to Best General or Best Sportsman. Please notify the judges if you did not paint your own army.

Previous Best Army Winners - A Player's army that has won a Best Army award at a previous North Star Tournament is not eligible to win another Best Army award for 3 years.

North Star Bonus Points (out of 15)

10 North Star Bonus points are awarded to players that submit their army list by email by 11:59 PM on October 1st. This is worth +10 points to your final tournament score. Army builder / Quartermaster PDF outputs for army lists. 5 bonus points are awarded for donating at least one dollar to the charity raffle. Charity re-roll dice will be available again this year for a $20 donation to the charity raffle.

Player's Choice

Player's choice is awarded by one's peers at the tournament. This is not a painting award; Technical painting and modeling is scored by the tournament judges. This is all about who you think brought the coolest army. Each player gets one vote.

Players should plan to set up their armies with their names clearly visible after game 2 on Saturday.

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